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This smoothie should always be chosen because of its antioxidants, blueberries are known to improve memory and brain function.

Just like other types of berries, blueberries are known for their high antioxidant content. But did you know that they also have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties?

Blueberries are small berries that come from the bush of the genus Vaccinium, which includes 400 other species. They are native to North America, and the United States is the largest producer and consumer of blueberries.

Blueberries stand out from the berries because of their special taste. It’s awesome to make cakes, jams, wines, and many other recipes. In addition, they are valued for their high amount of essential nutrients, which can provide several benefits to the body when eaten regularly.

In fact, despite their small size, blueberries have one of the highest levels of antioxidants. Our bodies need antioxidants to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

Their vitamin and mineral content also favors the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Since many people may not know about the benefits of blueberries, today we want to underline the eight most important of them.

Blueberry antioxidant smoothie
” As you have just seen, blueberries contain significant amounts of potassium and magnesium ”

Blueberry antioxidant smoothie full of antioxidants – They have anti-cancer properties

Effective antioxidants in blueberries have been linked to a reduced risk of developing several types of cancer.

Antioxidants protect your cells from free radical damage as well as environmental pollution. This plays a key role in preventing tumor growth.

Blueberries also contain folic acid. This is a nutrient that helps repair and synthesize DNA while avoiding mutations in malignant cells.

They strengthen your bones and teeth

The essential minerals found in this little berry are helpful in protecting bone density and the health of your teeth.

Regular use helps prevent osteoporosis and inflammation that affects dental health. In fact, they are recommended to improve the absorption process of calcium and vitamin D. This is because they include:

  • Minerals (potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese)
  • Vitamin K.

Powerfully Blueberry antioxidant smoothie support your body through life – They protect the health of your heart

As you have just seen, blueberries contain significant amounts of potassium and magnesium. These are two essential minerals that help regulate your body’s inflammatory processes and reduce your risk of heart disease.
These nutrients balance the fluid levels in your tissues. Thus, they make suffering from high blood pressure or heart attack less likely.

In addition, they are also great for improving blood circulation and cell oxidation. This is because they prevent your heart from being overworked.

They prevent diabetes

People with very high blood sugar levels or those at risk for diabetes can get relief from this little berry.

Blueberries contain fiber and antioxidants. Once absorbed, they lower your blood sugar levels and help with the metabolic processes that are responsible for using sugar as an energy source.

They improve your memory

There is an interesting relationship between regular consumption of blueberries and good memory functions.

The findings suggest that antioxidants minimize oxidative stress and reduce cell damage that creates cognitive difficulties.

These compounds, in addition to other vitamins and minerals, improve your brain function and your central nervous system. Thus, they reduce the risk of dementia.

They fight urinary tract infections

Due to their alkaline pH and high concentration of antibacterial compounds, natural blueberry juice is useful in preventing and treating urinary tract infections.

Eating blueberries changes the environment that those microorganisms need to reproduce. At the same time, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect to soothe pain.

They are great for increasing urine output and improving the processes responsible for eliminating waste through the kidneys.

They protect the health of your eyes

In addition, these berries contain carotenoids and significant amounts of vitamin E. Both of these will improve your vision and prevent the development of eye problems.

Effective antioxidants protect your retina and macula. All in all, this reduces your chances of developing diseases such as cataracts or macular degeneration.

In addition, they can even be a natural cure for minor eye problems such as stress-induced redness and dryness.

Blueberry antioxidant smoothie that gives health benefits that you need – They prevent premature aging

Finally, when you eat blueberries regularly, they have interesting benefits to prevent premature aging both internally and externally.

Above all, their antioxidants reduce your risk of chronic diseases that result from excessive inflammation. At the same time, they also slow down cell damage, which accelerates skin deterioration.

Both berries and their natural juice can support all treatments to avoid wrinkles and other imperfections that come with age.

All in all, there are really enough reasons to eat blueberries, right? Buy them from the supermarket and enjoy their delicious taste while filling your body with high quality nutrients.

Blueberries, raw nutrition facts and analysis per serving: Serving size 100g

Nutrition details from nutritionvalue.org

Betaine0.2 mg
Choline6.0 mg
Folate, DFE6.00 mcg2 %
Folate, food6.00 mcg
Folic acid0.00 mcg
Niacin0.418 mg3 %
Pantothenic acid0.124 mg2 %
Riboflavin0.041 mg3 %
Thiamin0.037 mg3 %
Vitamin A54.00 IU1 %
Vitamin A, RAE3.00 mcg
Carotene, alpha0.00 mcg
Carotene, beta32.00 mcg
Cryptoxanthin, beta0.00 mcg
Lutein + zeaxanthin80.00 mcg
Lycopene0.00 mcg
Vitamin B120.00 mcg0 %
Vitamin B12, added0.00 mcg
Vitamin B60.052 mg4 %
Vitamin C9.7 mg11 %
Vitamin D0.00 mcg0 %
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)0.57 mg3 %
Vitamin E, added0.00 mg
Tocopherol, alpha0.57 mg
Tocopherol, beta0.01 mg
Tocopherol, delta0.03 mg
Tocopherol, gamma0.36 mg
Tocotrienol, alpha0.00 mg
Tocotrienol, beta0.00 mg
Tocotrienol, delta0.00 mg
Tocotrienol, gamma0.07 mg
Vitamin K19.3 mcg16 %
Vitamin K (Dihydrophylloquinone)0.00 mcg

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